Strixhaven Release Promotion has Concluded

MTGGTM Buylist

Turn your old or unwanted cards into awesome new cards with our buylist! Trade in for store credit and get an additional 30%!

All prices are in AUD and for Near Mint / Mint cards in English. The buylist can also be viewed in google sheets here. Please note that foils, promos and some alternate card versions are not listed on the buylist. If you'd like to sell these please let us know via email and we'll quote a price.

To sell to us, take a copy of the buylist in either excel or google sheets, input he number of each card in the quantity column then email it to us at Once we confirm your quote via email, mail the cards to:


PO BOX 105


QLD 4215

Payment can be conducted through Bank Transfer, Paypal or saved as store credit. Prices may be subject to change without notice and sellers assume shipping fees and risks. Once the cards are received and the condition confirmed you will be paid through your desired method.

We buy entire collections and bulk cards - just contact us for a quote.